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GT31 GPS Speed and Velocitek GPS

GPS Speed have moved to a new platform. Please click the HERE, then the BIG RED BUTTON to visit the new BHIP Ltd GPS speed site selling Genie GT31 GPS, Velocitek SpeedPuck and Velocitek ProStart. We also sell Leatherman Tools, Gerber tools, heart rate monitors, Wenger Swiss Army knives, Garmin running GPS watches and much more...

BHIP Ltd - the company behind - only sells products that we have full confidence in, products that the company owners have personal experience using, products that will perform reliably over and over again. As such, we have selected only the Genie GT31 GPS and the Velocitek SpeedPuck and Velocitek ProStart GPS products.

The Genie GT31 GPS is just about the most powerful little GPS data logger / navigator you could get for price and size. It has been adopted by the World Speedsailing committees for windsurfers, kiteboarders and landyachts to ratify speed record attempts. If you want to know how fast you are sailing, whether you're the fastest on your local lake, or the next World Speed Record Holder.. the Genie GT31 GPS is the ideal partner for you.

The Velocitek SpeedPuck is a revolutionary GPS for small performance dinghies. It is simplicity personified. Just ONE button and 3 display options : GPS speed (over the ground), heading (in degrees) and wind shift tracker. Ideal for any performance dinghy where you want the essential speed data on one large display.

Then we have the Velocitek ProStart GPS - take the SpeedPuck GPS and add a start line tool - giving you a countdown to time your start to perfection. The Velocitek ProStart GPS has a proven track record in many performance classes

Buy online GT31 GPS from UK specialists

BHIP Ltd have friends around the UK who use and rely on the products and the after sales service we supply. We have supplied GT31 GPS units to 90% of the UK's top 15 speedsailing windsurfers including Farrel O'Shea, Pete Young, Steve Thorp and Dave White. We have our own 43+ knot sailor on board - Tristan Haskins - BHIP Ltd Director, uses the GT31 GPS to speedsail both his local Hunstanton speed strip and West Kirby Lake. So if you want to talk to a company who knows what they are talking about, please call us.

Zara Davies World Record Holder with Antoine

Zara Davis obliterates the womens WORLD SPEED record at Luderitz 2012

Farrel O'Shea - UK record holder

Farrel O'Shea and SMASHES the UK records at Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012


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